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Team Leaders and Office Staff

Dustin Engel Team Leader

Dustin Engel


Dustin Engel plays a core role on our professional DJ team. As an avid fan of electronic dance music, he started experimenting with soundscapes and production while still in high school. "I started producing music during my junior year," says the Santa Rosa resident. "After seeing a few professional DJs live, and seeing how amazing of a show they were able to put on, I decided that I wanted to do it myself." Dustin's dedication to perfecting his craft makes sense when you take into account his other life successes: He's a black belt in Taekwondo and an Eagle Scout.

A big fan of up-tempo and energetic music, Dustin wants every client to have the perfect, individualized party and event experience. His detailed mastery of Dax Entertainment’s extensive music library ensures a multitude of song choices covering every possible taste.

"I want the client to feel confident and secure when having me as the DJ," says Dustin. "When running an event, there are a lot of important things going on, so it is important to have a DJ that knows what they are doing."

Jacey Talbert Office Coordinator Assistant

Jacey Talbert


For as long as she can remember, Jacey Talbert has been drawing and creating artwork. She is currently in charge of launching a brand-new clothing line for Dax Entertainment. (Stay tuned!) “I love the challenge of making the perfect piece of art,” Jacey says. “One of my favorite pieces is a side portrait of Gwen Stefani—very light, simple and elegant.” Jacey is proud to be a volunteer for Muttopia, a rescue/rehabilitation facility that provides a place for rescued dogs to recover medically and emotionally prior to adoption. When she’s not working with dogs or designing t-shirts for Dax Entertainment, Jacey enjoys camping, fishing, and taking walks at Spring Lake and Bodega Bay.

Jason Calvin Team Leader

Jason Calvin Portrait


Jason is known by his friends as an upbeat, optimistic guy. He’s also really into breakfast—specifically his usual meal (and preferred “desert island” choice) of coffee, biscuits, and gravy. (Really!) But despite that fact, he’s a vital part of Dax Entertainment’s road crew. From behind-the-scenes technical setup to assisting our DJs with any emergencies that might arise, Jason keeps our events running smoothly. “Of all the events I’ve worked at, weddings are my favorite,” says Jason. “I relish the highs, the lows, the excitement—the family and friends all together for a celebration of love.” Jason also hopes to grow into the role of managing the catering for future events. (Just make sure he doesn’t choose biscuits and gravy as the main course!)

Kristen Matthews Office Coordinator

Kristen Matthews

Living and loving life to its fullest potential…the mantra that led Kristen Matthews to leave her hometown of Huntingburg, Indiana and move across the country to settle in Sonoma County. Since then Kristen has worked in a variety of customer service occupations and is now the attendant for our exciting new photo booth offering. Kristen loves to set the scene for events by creating a welcoming atmosphere and encouraging family and friends to come together and have a great time. When asked what special touch she would like to add to an event, her swift reply: “It would have to be a popcorn machine! 🤪”

Kristen enjoys reading, painting, eating flamin’ hot munchies, and spending time with her fur babies, a chihuahua named Ziggy and two Maine Coon cats, Nala and Loki.


Dray Lopez DJ

Dray Lopez

With a successful career in radio, Dray Lopez brings to Dax Entertainment over 25 years of experience as a DJ and music aficianado. “It’s hard to be a great DJ,” says Dray. “You need to know multiple genres of music: different decades, different artists—essentially be an encyclopedia of ‘hit music.’ You need to know how to mix and manipulate the music in different situations to keep the most people on the dancefloor.” Dray is known for his personable style and ability to take requests and ensure the crowd is having the time of their lives.

When he’s not DJ’ing a wedding or acting as MC for a special event, Dray works at Wine Country Radio and hopes to move into an active role overseeing programming for a number of radio stations. Dray at one time was a break dancer and was “pretty good” at it, but now he’s more likely to spend his free time finding a pool or river to swim in or enjoying the company of his three beautiful nieces.

Fabian Vera DJ

Fabian Vera

Fabian Vera is most proud of two things: His kids and his long-standing career as a DJ. The father of two has been DJing for three decades, since before his kids were born. Hours and hours at the music controls have given Fabian a smooth confidence and the ability to navigate any party situation. "I don't get flustered easily," says Fabian. "Being able to think quickly, and make the best of any situation without skipping a beat, is essential. When it comes to a wedding, you only have one chance to get it right." Fabian's professionalism has left many a guest still talking about the fun they had at Dax Entertainment events weeks later.

Known for his friendly and easy manner, Fabian's DJ style can be described as open format, meaning he loves to read the crowd and get people to dance (Grandma and Grandpa included!) by playing a variety of music.

"Everyone has access to the same music via the internet," says Fabian. "What separates me is how I play songs and the timing of when the song is played. This goes back to being able to read the crowd." Rest assured, at your next event, Fabian will make sure everything runs exactly the way it should - so you can enjoy yourself and have a fantastic time (on the dance floor, of course).

Luis Burgos DJ

Luis Burgos never set out to be a big-time DJ, but for the past two decades he has carefully honed his craft, and his love for music has never waned. “My favorite quote is ‘House music is a feeling: the music is the teacher, the DJ is the preacher.’ Music brings out so much emotion that if done right it can take you on a journey through time.” Whether Luis is playing a party for a middle school, a 50th birthday party, a retirement party, or a night club, for him it’s always about the music.

Luis also enjoys spending time with his two sons, whether it’s woodworking together or playing basketball—in addition to his 2nd Grade teaching position at West Marin School. Just don’t get your Mr. Spock mixed up with your Han Solo: Luis’ both a huge Star Wars and Star Trek fan. Engage!

Marco Delgado DJ

Marco Delgado, a.k.a. DJ MD, brings a life-long dedication to providing great service to clients as a DJ for Dax Entertainment.

Having lived in Windsor for most of his life, working in customer service roles for a variety of local businesses and community organizations, Marco brings that same care and dedication, as well as his laid-back, humorous and thoughtful demeanor to his DJ events. “It’s important to listen and keep an open mind, especially when you’re working with so many different personalities,” says Marco. “My goal is to make sure all the guests are satisfied, that the client knows I am there for them, and that we communicate clearly.”

Even though DJ technology has changed—from his first pair of turntables he bought in 2002 to the Serato-based system he uses today—what hasn’t changed is Marco’s love of music. As a kid he used to sit next to his brother’s radio and wait for the live DJs to start a mix, then he would record one right after another on his tape recorder with no pause – good practice for his future profession! Today Marco DJs at events large and small, at times alongside one of our other team members such as DJ Willie G.

When Marco’s not working with Dax Entertainment, he enjoys time with his family of four and watching Dirt Every Day, an awesome off-road show on Netflix®.

Rolando Martinez DJ

Rolando Martinez

With a happy marriage and active family to keep him busy, Rolando is no stranger to taking life by the horns. He's worked at water parks and mortgage brokers, in the retail sector and recently at Wine Country Radio (Y100.9: KSXY and Latino 95.5). In everything he has remained focused and determined. "Never undervalue yourself. Stay true to your self-worth and your energy because time is precious and there’s not enough of it."

Rolando studied radio and communications at SRJC and has DJ'd professionally for over 25 years, bringing his A game to every event. Whether he's working a class reunion, a corporate convention, or a quinceañera, his goal never changes: make sure the client is happy and guests are having fun, and ensure the event is a memorable one.

William Gonzalez DJ

William Gonzalez aka "DJ Willie G" is proud of his mixed Puerto Rican and Vietnamese heritage. Having learned the value of resourcefulness and hard work from decades spent in the manufacturing industry, Willie G has been a successful DJ and MC for over 15 years across a host of events and venues.

"Don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself dancing!" he says proudly. "I put a lot of care into developing the right kind of sound. It’s all about the mood and a deep hypnotic groove, no matter what the genre or style. I know I've done my job when the guests are feeling comfortable and enjoying themselves!"

Willie G lives in Windsor with his long-time girlfriend, four kids, and Bear. (Who is actually a dog. Go figure.)

Sound Technicians

Evan Alexander Sound Technician

Evan Alexander Portrait


A long way from his hometown of Poughkeepsie, New York, Evan is now a California local and a major part of our event production team. He has been a sound engineer and production manager for over 19 years at many top venues, assisting such acts as Foghat, Blue Oyster Cult, The Tubes, and Puddle of Mud. Always striving for perfection, he was once goalie for an ice hokey team that went undefeated for an entire season. “The most important thing I can bring to an event is a high standard of professionalism and attention to detail,” says Evan. “I love the excitement and anticipation that builds as show time approaches, as well as watching people enjoy themselves throughout the entire event.” When he’s not at the mixer tweaking EQ or running mic cables, Evan is enjoying time with his wife, two children, three dogs, and one cat.

Sam Hurley Sound Technician

Sam Hurley

At a young age, Sam has accomplished so much. He's certified in Pro Tools, Yamaha consoles, Dante audio networks, and that's just the start. He's worked at Prairie Sun Live, Lincoln Theater, House of Rock…and the list goes on. It's no surprise Sam's friends know him as outgoing and driven, a result of his early initiation into the world of performing and events by his influential father, a drummer.

“It's very important to me that I'm constantly adapting to the needs of the client,” explains Sam, “and that I stay away from the mentality of the ‘grumpy’ sound guy. My goal is to do everything with a big smile that they and I will never forget.” When asked what's the most important thing he's learned while working in the Pro Audio industry, Sam quipped: “The more you think you know, the more you need to know!”

Cast and Crew

Alleya Torres Interactive Dancer

Alleya Portrait

Outgoing, funny, energetic (and perhaps just a little crazy), Alleya Torres has a natural gift in making students feel comfortable at our spectacular school dances. Even when she’s not out on the dancefloor, her personality and humor puts everyone at ease. You’ll often find her hopping to the beat alongside Chuy, another popular member of our dancing team. “You can’t stop dancing no matter what song comes on!” says Alleya. “I’ve been dancing since my grandma signed my sisters and I up for ballet folklorico when we were little. I joined the dance team in high school and did Varsity Cheer in my senior year. Sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone.” Alleya loves dogs (especially Oso), and her dream is to one day open her own veterinary clinic. Woof!

Dustin Drew Technician Assistant

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For friends, coworkers and bosses the words that most often come to mind when describing Dustin Drew are hardworking, reliable, and loyal. These traits are what make him such an asset to Dax Entertainment. Dustin also has a natural knack for mechanics. When he's not working hard with us, he loves to work on his truck and his car. It's no surprise that his biggest success in life thus far was winning a recent Motocross Championship. We are incredibly lucky to have this talented young man on our team.

Jackson Demorest Technician Assistant

Jackson Demorest

One of our youngest team members, Jackson Demorest is a hard-working honor student and martial artist, and was an instrumental part of the launch of Laser Tag of Santa Rosa. As part of Dax Entertainment’s special events crew, Jackson assists with setup and breakdown at events. When he’s not on the job with Dax Entertainment, you’ll find him working on Photoshop projects, watching The Office or eating chocolate cake—perhaps all at the same time!

“I think my friends would think of me as an outgoing, funny dude,” says Jackson. “It’s great being a part of the team, and I love the crazy special effects at the events – especially the CO2 cryo jets! Hands down, his favorite events are high school proms because of their amazing energy.” And, if anyone knows about amazing energy, it’s Jackson. When he’s not installing lighting, attending to special effects or running electric and audio cables, he’s out dancing with the crowd!

Jose Gonzalez Interactive Dancer

Chuy Portrait

Always a crowd favorite, Chuy (Chewie, like in Star Wars) has been dancing his entire life and he puts his extensive dance training to fantastic use at our popular school dances. After emigrating to the United States from Mexico when he was eight years old, he has worked hard for his dreams and will soon be receiving his degree in Spanish TV broadcasting from SRJC.

When not attending school or dancing, Chuy works at a local French bakery and was also cast as an extra in the Netflix® show 13 Reasons Why. “I’ve always been dancing, but I didn’t start taking it seriously until I was a freshman in college. I really enjoy making the kids feel comfortable on the dance floor—I usually make eye contact with them and then, with my hand, motion them to join me. Once they see some of my moves, such as the Dougie or the Nae Nae, they usually start dancing too!”

Kirk Nystrom Technician Assistant

Friendly and easygoing, Kirk has worked as a roadie touring with bands across the U.S. for many years, and is also highly experienced as an equipment manager for corporate events. A native of Santa Rosa, he lives with his wife Nikki and their two Boston Terriers.

“I love watching an empty space transform into an event. My sincere hope always is that everything comes together and lives up to the client's expectations.” Kirk’s big goal for the future is to expand into the role of head of event production and make full use of high-end video equipment. His secret wish for future productions: bring on the pyrotechnic effects!

Levi Hinkle Technician Assistant

A young recruit for our road crew, Levi assists in set up and tear down for corporate gatherings, school dances, and other special events. He plays a vital role in making sure all the right gear gets from point A to point B.

Levi has spent much of his time over the years on the golf course, both as an aficionado of the sport and also as a caddie at Mayacama Golf Course in Windsor. He also enjoys spending time with his dog Scruffy and watching Criminal Minds, and if you want to be Levi's best friend, bring over some chocolate!

Luiz Gonzalez Technician Assistant

Luiz Gonzalez

If you were to ask Luiz about his passions and about his biggest life wins so far, they would add up to the same thing: soccer. Luiz enjoys many sports and activities such as basketball, baseball, hiking, swimming, and snowboarding, but soccer (or fútbol) is his favorite. “I went from not being able to kick a ball in a straight line to becoming captain of my varsity soccer team in about four years. In that same year, we made the quarterfinal playoffs for the first time in our school’s history.”

When he’s not busy working events for Dax Entertainment, he’s enjoying spending time with his brothers and extended family—and eating “the best homemade flour tortillas you can get, hands down”—as well as drawing and honing his DJ skills. Luiz’ favorite event he’s participated in to date is BottleRock: a major music, food, and wine festival in Napa, CA.

Mackenzie Miller Interactive Dancer

Mackenzie Miller

If you regularly tune into Sonoma County radio, you might already know Mackenzie Miller. She's an on-air personality on not one but two Wine Country Radio stations: The 101 on 100.9 FM and The Krush on 95.9 FM. No surprise: she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from Sonoma State University.

Her radio connections opened the door to joining the Dax Entertainment team, where she proven to be a hit at our school dances. "I just get out on the floor and start dancing without hesitation or embarrassment," explains Mackenzie. "Sometimes the kids are shy, but as they start to copy my moves, I tell them they’re doing a great job! I love making contact and encouraging them to come and join the fun." When she's not dancing or at the mic, Mackenzie enjoys the company of her two dogs: a Jack Russell Terrier named Buddy and a Sheltie mix named Foxy Cleopatra.

Natalie Wright Emcee

Natalie Wright


Santa Rosa-native Natalie Wright grew up with teachers sending notes home to her parents which said she talked too much in class. She took this “flaw” and made a career out of it! Case in point: Natalie's worked in radio locally for over 20 years and done shows remotely for stations across the country, as well as voice-overs for various businesses and radio stations.

Her favorite interview? “Oh, it was the one with Jason Mraz. He was so funny!” Least favorite would be Nick Carter. “He was sick as heck and kept coughing and being all mucus-y during the interview. It was…kinda gross.”

Thankfully, Natalie is able leave the studio from time to time and enjoy such pastimes as taking jazz and modern dance classes, volunteering with her daughters’ Girl Scout Troop, laundry (yes, she actually LIKES doing laundry), going to Disneyland (her happy place), and sampling good craft beer. Mmmm…

Tyler Rich Technician Assistant

Tyler Rich

You could say that Tyler Rich was born to be an MC and a dancer. At the age of two, Tyler's grandmother took him to see a performance of The Nutcracker. Tyler's eyes were glued to the stage for the entire ballet, and he returned home determined to impersonate the dancers, complete with giant leaps across the floor. "That's how I got the name Tyryshnikov after Mikhail Baryshnikov," he says. Later, for inspiration, Tyler practiced Michael Jackson's famous dance moves and watched old musicals like Singing in the Rain

At the age of four, Tyler began acting in commercials. The acting experience led him to a small role in a Dreamworks film and another role in La Mission starring Benjamin Bratt. He's continued to study dance into adulthood, gaining expertise in hip-hop, modern, ballroom, ballet, Bollywood and hula. He's also starred in many local Sonoma County productions at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts and other theater locales. 

"I honestly feel like it was the only thing I was brought on earth to do," says Tyler. Spoken like a true performer!

Rolando DJing