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Dax Entertainment is a professional, high quality audio-visual company that delivers outrivaled production and entertainment. We are passionate about making our customer’s visions come to life with the creative use of technology; and we thrive on creating events that consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.

Whether you are looking for the latest in audio, lighting, video, special effects, or feature attractions for a fundraiser, business conference, wedding, retreat, or school dance, Dax Entertainment can make your event shine.

Looking to rent equipment for your event? Our large rental inventory will ensure you get the right equipment for your unique needs. Our staff provides the best audio production services for your fundraiser, ground-breaking production, or live concert.

About Dax Talbert

The Dax Entertainment story is rooted in the mesmerizing power of music, lights, and technology.

In middle school, like many 7th graders, owner Dax Talbert attended his first school dance. As the other teens danced the night away, Dax watched the DJ spin records and control the lights, marveling at how music could fill the crowd with joy. "I just fell in love with all of it," he says.

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Dax spent the next four years saving up money to buy his first DJ sound system. He mowed lawns, raked leaves, and cleaned gutters. All that hard work paid off when he finally had enough to buy his dream equipment. Soon, Dax was hired as a DJ at Elsie Allen High School dances, where he was a student at the time. He expanded his music library by going on the hunt for music from every genre: meringue, disco, classic rock, big band, reggae, Christian. If it has a beat and rhythm, Dax has it.

After high school, Dax worked for Wine Country Radio, where he learned the ropes as a sound board operator for late night radio shows. As an intern for Santa Rosa audio supply store Sound Expressions (where Dax bought his first DJ gear), he did sound for everyone from Hall and Oates to multi-million dollar fundraisers. It was there that he learned about the importance of great lightning and video as a way to take your event to the next level.

Dax founded Dax Entertainment in 2003, and has since helped thousands of happy customers put on spectacular events. "I absolutely love running a full-time entertainment business," says Dax, who leads a team of people ready to make sure your event runs without a hitch."I'm very hands-on and I like to meet with my clients in person. I like to understand what kind of vibe or theme they want for the event. It's this personal, specialized attention that's most important to me."


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We are a team of experienced professionals ready to make sure your event runs without a hitch.

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