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Special Effects

Looking to really wow a crowd? Special effects can take the audio and visual experience at your party or school dance to great heights. Our haze machines can make an already amazing light show look ten times more intense. Cryo Jets, inspired by the global electronic dance music scene, cool down a gym and gets the crowd pumped as the beat drops. Music-video mixing is a fun way to dance to the music and simultaneously watch a video of the song for added inspiration.

Bubble Blaster

42 A4332 Lightspeed Films

Cryo Jets

Low Lying Fog

Info coming soon!

Low Lying Fog

Low Lying Fog


Confetti Cannons

Browse through our vast selection of confetti, including glitter, streamers, rose petals, and much more!

Paint Cannons

Foam Cannons

Snow Machines

Snow 2 Snow 1

T-Shirt Cannon

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Dray & Jen Cryo

school cryo jets

Willie & Nancy Low Lying Fog