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Our top-of-the-line audio equipment will ensure the audio portion of your event goes off without the slightest hitch. With Dax Entertainment at the technology helm, you’ll never have to worry about quiet microphones, muffled speakers, or feedback during that important speech or toast. From the simplest P.A. system to small concerts to elaborate corporate events, we have the setup you need to take your event to the next level.

Let your event benefit from the latest and greatest JBL speakers and subwoofers for dynamic sound. We’ve got wireless microphones, hands-free wireless headsets, wireless lapel microphones, and extremely small, barely visible wireless E6 microphones to provide freedom of movement without the hassle of tripping over cords.

We’ll customize your event’s sound so that people can hear, in a balanced way, no matter where they are located. On the other hand, if you love bone-rattling bass we have bass speakers that can pump out 1750 watts each of pulsating energy.

Dax Pro Audio

For large events, we can provide multiple systems for tents, stages, and wide-ranging announcement systems. We've employed JBL's Professional Series speakers, Sennheiser wireless lavs for clear speech, and a Soundcraft Vi400 for a perfect band stage setup. JBL 4888DP-DAs  on Genie Towers are perfect for an announcement system that spans large outdoor venues. Other equipment we've utilized in large setups are Crown iTech amplifiers and the Smaart Live event tuning system.

The staff at Dax Entertainment will provide the best audio production services for your ground-breaking productions, concerts, and corporate events. Looking to rent pro audio equipment for your live event? Sure, we handle that too.

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