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Photo Booth

Dax Entertainment is excited to provide you this stellar new service! Wow your guests and make them feel like Hollywood stars with an industry-leading photo booth and backdrop. From making lab-quality prints to sharing eye-popping photos to Instagram, Facebook, and more, your event will be a smash hit with a photo booth from Dax Entertainment.

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Social Media Sharing

Our photo booths make it easy for guests to email or text images right to their phone or computer and share Instagram-worthy photos to all their favorite social networks.

Automatic Face Detection

Never worry about cutting off guests' heads or bodies in photos! Our photo booth cameras detect faces and automatically tilt for each shot to ensure every frame is perfect!

Multiple Screens with Gallery Support

Display a slideshow of photos from your guests during the event, add your own customized branding, and much more!

Instant Prints with Templates

Our quick-printing feature offers many different sizes and templates. Choose from a variety of options to make your guests' print look fabulous. See a list of examples >


One of guests' favorite features are the looping Boomerang videos! Great for sharing with friends, followers, and family.

Show Me!

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Take advantage of our wide selection of props for your guests' photo booth pictures!
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Our photo booths make it easy for guests to email or text images right to their phone or computer. The best part? Every video and image is Instagram ready.

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View our collection of beautiful large and mermaid sequin photo booth backdrops. If you’ve never experienced mermaid backdrops before, you’ll be blown away!


  • Amethyst 1 1bc137a5ee4739af1a3d3fe9ad877d7d3c4909f21ab86338ef3344c66c5e5014
  • Amethyst 2 f736dd7784ef5ee9b6be1c1927a3ca77ea3e07bf4a225013f6e294b0a102fd1c


  • Bronze 1 9b9ccfeb2668ba67db77eaead30bc24fdb72ffee75c912c0de9951ff9fac53ae
  • Bronze 2 671cf2a135d0699c93781650ab4e647636f8cc972b17fec65a450f539d406d2d


  • Carat 1 72f87c2ff289fafa35395166162fe71360d82c45362dba5f2e3749d6467431f6
  • Carat 2 2eaa2922e5b6e5f383ac5bb13b62cb97514ad0ec9289f253329fef17a97bf5f5


  • Daybreak 1 523909f961b357db9ce4d25330be264a17e00152038472e3ed53fd387ff54e77
  • Daybreak 2 67124ffbeeb613b90494fdaa316d2a403d330018ac84028f4677f4119a444f30


  • Diamond 1 d4ee916d08dcfba01b2e3f71719a7c0155d9fab622f976742a55ea1b65ecc7ed
  • Diamond 2 1d7e083b2fb9d8879a04654af258c7b7ae72092dde7228b8a8a8d70ae800d8c9


  • Honey 1 a97d7bda3f3af256f2f4d2ebba0a7153abb46ca6f8e08964b2774db95a9c1169
  • Honey 2 a55d98727d254305e718f3fa5eb84f01dffb400d933ceaf98c3d6f3bc175cf28


  • Peacock 1 0cbddc9a1b099d23e7212015a47bd937c2dbace242412499f8e49b153ac67728
  • Peacock 2 fefe9becca4d4a2fb210e4d345f67ca846d353ce1caf38e5c875873066fc0ed0


  • Peppermint 1 f165ac8ea044f69f692181c1fdf55d84adb0e1248e0ed47cd6afb1265f0f150e
  • Peppermint 2 1071e7cf15c83cf680a8d8fea8ea07b53506cdbfbb01b1189b731c4792818868


  • Quartz 1 d51457bc8d2d1ff10ce3fb3c658be79e0267536f135e2eac83d7fd31e4995be6
  • Quartz 2 4f9505eaf004e7b4e8be833edeacbdb2db99e6d4e811c316350581f473a64cea


  • Riptide 1 180e8fe914bc7bfadd8da08bda508dfb3e348d0b62ba50383608505dd85f5229
  • Riptide 2 cbc7af99d7195a52956966da17a1e60c801b09efb06b7de8584b970ff6690945


  • Rose 1 40970944e135ef7288ecb36de7c4f0326c1ea6b7642ce241e2c80825218a951e
  • Rose 2 3f0fd1d02d8826db849186a56948f9531435c42d50c88fa5461c27381b67139f


  • Sapphire 1 08fda946c7fdfb345693c025e9004274bd2a25304d1d5625c1ab72c83681a4ce
  • Sapphire 2 b0bb7aadaf07337eb5c4bc72cc0904b240110d99baff45bdc07c52f241fa4893


  • Silver 1 c9ef1e8d93ae8f76a57d3fc0baf15fe6d7c3d561f405c4498ae4d8ef3dc8a4eb
  • Silver 2 9e0b44f362f61bce6beb3abc879bf671d151143c9c067f14125dff288a71f6a7


  • Unicorn 1 e47d00d45cc9cbd2322675edc5708a7d56224ff6609d6bbc36ea58ee9ac11453
  • Unicorn 2 df7dce763bb9560d0d1eda8e68c162449395950c6f945271f8f7b45ffa512443


  • Vegas 1 b1b0b820dfaa42d59a6c7c69cdfc47dc5760ecef9bb3537f3a519d1f5c79f775
  • Vegas 2 9d56b8b15dff46eb358d849931e08dff8b65975d3a52a3ef9a93e678e1fbf0ca


  • White 1 97f66e27f88d58f2fd64396c3d9418c376b5b39afe2d3c3774c42207f472b21b
  • White 2 d1f9c726674f700e4dea49522e844ba88abfb21b830e01500ec943acecc18663