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Whether you’re looking to create a hybrid experience or a fully virtual event, many details go into delivering the perfect online experience for your attendees. Virtual events aren’t just fun, they help us feel connected especially in a time when so much isolation can lead to loneliness. The best part is there’s no velvet rope, no dress code, and everyone gets a VIP booth!

Types of events you can stream

  • Birthdays
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Corporate events
  • Anniversaries
  • Gender Reveal Parties
  • School Dances
  • School Orientations
  • Graduations
  • Auctions
  • Gym workout events
  • Fundraisers
  • Team-building sessions
  • TED talk-inspired speaking events
  • Sales meetings

Stream to

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Twitter
  • Ustream
  • Facebook
  • Livestream
  • Periscope
  • Instagram
  • Zoom
  • And many others!

Live Stream Video Demos

(audio for the speakers is muted due to not being able to put confidential information from real clients)

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Live Online Bidding/Auction

Just because in person fundraisers can't happen doesn't mean you can't raise money for your organization! Welcome to Live streaming events with real time bidding! Click here to see it in action!

Live Stream Auction

This demo video demostrates how a livestream auction/bidding event would look from your guests point of view. The features we demonstrate show how we can include an auctineer, real time bidding, paddle raise for a cure and interactive features for guests such as a chat box.

Green Screen

Technology has come a long way and this enables us to create virtual backgrounds to match your vision for your livestream event. What you see in person at the studio is not what your audience will see during your livestream event. Take a look at the two pictures below.

Green Screen Natalie

Natalie green screen


Have content that needs prerecording for your livestream? We can assist by sending out a production crew to professionaly prerecord video and audio with top of the line equipment. We'll take care of editing all the footage, adding royalty free music and more!

Windsor High School Speeches

More questions? Please visit our FAQ page and scroll down to "Livestreaming: Corporate/Auction".

Live Streaming Features

Blue Video IconServices:

  • HD Web Streaming
  • Amazon Web Services
  • LiveStream
  • Available for mobile devices
  • Recording and archival
  • Embed anywhere

Download our Live Streaming brochure (PDF)

Download our Virtual Parties brochure (PDF)

Benefits of Live Streaming your events

Live Streaming Could Generate A Bigger Audience
Any event has geographical and physical restrictions no matter where it is. Streaming events and content live on the web makes it accessible to a worldwide audience. This means attendance to your content can surpass any capacity limitations a physical event would have.

A Live Streamed Internet Video Gives Your Content Urgency
If you are streaming content live for a one-time only event your stream becomes a rare and urgent entity. Online users take passive action towards content they can access on a regular basis, but if your stream is only available at one moment in time its urgency can create quite a stir on the web.

Live Streaming Internet Video Can Whip Up Online Interaction
Live streams are a great way of boosting interaction between you and your potential clients. If your content is interesting to individuals in your niche or just a curious topic to outsiders, you will be given the opportunity to engage with prospective clients who previously may not have thought about contacting you.

A Live Streamed Internet Video Could Open Opportunities For New Revenue
A free live stream could allow you to interact with new clients and create new business opportunities, while you could also charge for access to your stream, which could bring in extra revenue. Don’t forget if your stream is of a physical event you would be able to charge both an admission fee for the physical attendees and another for online attendees.

Live Streaming Internet Video Could Make You Stand Out From The Crowd
Streaming live events and content could give your brand or business a fantastic point of differentiation. Live streamed events whether it’s a Webinar, conference or just an informal tutorial chat are not something that is being used by many organizations. If you could take this innovative use of Internet video and steer it towards your organizations marketing aims, then you could really start to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition.

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