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Lighting is essential to take an event from good to amazing. We offer a variety of lighting, with a focus on the latest in LED technology. Want a lounge atmosphere? Our professional and aesthetically pleasing uplighting can transform a room or an outdoor location. Atmospheric lighting can be great for corporate events, fundraisers, weddings, and parties. For high-energy events, how about club lighting? Flashing lights, strobes, lasers, UV lighting, and even lights that synchronize with the beat. Let us customize the lighting to create the vibe that fits your exact vision.

Intelligent Lighting

If you want to go all out and create a concert atmosphere we have you covered! Let us know what your vision is we'll make it happen!

Club Light Package #1

Our smallest lighting package, but it won't dissapoint! It's a comlete wash lighting system fitted with high-intensity tri-color LEDs!

Club Light Package #1

Club Light Package #2

The next step up! This bar comes with UV/Blacklights, multi-color wash lights, lasers, mini strobes and moving derby fixtures!

Club Light Package #2

Club Light Package #3

Double the lights! This package includes two bars of Club Light Package #2!

Club Light Package #3

Club Light Package #4

This one of our newest club light packages upgraded with moving heads! This lighting bar features a center laser, strobe effects, derbies and LED washes. The UV LEDs illuminate the dance floor further by making flourescent objects pop. Each effect has varying coverage angles and throw distances that make the entire room light up!

Gigbar Move

Club Light Package #5

Let's double it up! This package includes two bars of Club Light Package #4!

Club Light Package #6

Everything has been upgraded! More fixtures and brighter! 5-in-1 lighting effect! 32-watt moving heads, upgraded from 10 watts in the previous version. Previous red and green lasers have been bolsted to RGB Fat Beam lasers. Quad-colored derbies and hex-colored PARs have imprvoed brightness and the strobes are now high-powered 5-watt beam LEDs!

Gigbat Move ILS

Club Light Package #7

Once again double it up with two Club Light Package #6!

Water Light Package

Ever wonder what it's like to dance under the sea? Here's your chance to experience lights that simulate moving water. These are customizable with different color variations and ripple speeds.

UV/Black Light

UV lights aka blacklights will always make people thrilled! Who doens't love to see themselves glowing, espcially if they're wearing neon or white costumes/clothing! Take it up a notch with our neon confetti and make it a party no one will forget!

UV/Blacklight Photo


Change the atmosphere of an entire room indoors or outdoors with these battery operated lights! Have a color scheme you'd like us to match? No problem, these are fully versatile light fixtures and can be used for multiple scenarios!


Pin Spots

Want to highlight items or people? Pin sptos are your answer! With multi-color options we can focus them on entertainers, raffle tables, bars, dessert stations and more!

Pin Spots

LED Sticks

Have a prize table, bar, or dessert station you'd like to stand out for your crowd? LED sticks are the way to go. Battery and wireless, we can customize these led sticks to make any attraction pop!

LED Sticks with Prize Wheel

String Lighting

Light up the evening with elegant warm white string lights. Perfect for dinners, cocktail hours and special themes!

String Lighting

Follow Spot

Our LED followspots emit a tight beam powered by a bright 120 W LED to highlight actors at far distances. These fixtures have built-in CTO filters that lowers color temperature to match tungsten lamps. No more gel fitlers needed, these fixtures can change colors instantly. Colors provided are oranage, cyan, red, green, magenta, yellow, warm white and cool white. We can even make it strobe!

Follow Spot

Gobo Lighting

Gobos let you project any image you want onto a wall, ceiling, ground or anywhere else! They can be a simple one color image or you can get fancy with multiple colors and gradients!

Stars & Moon Gobo

Sky Cannons

Sky Cannons are a fantastic way to make your entrance stand out above all others! Light up the night sky with sharp beams of light and let them be a beacon for your guests miles away.

Sky Cannons

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